Stop the doubt and start emboding your purpose!

Strengthen and EXPAND your mediumship in 5 days

The mindset, your connection to Spirit , your purpose – I’ve got  you covered

(and did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)

In 1 hour a day, for 5 days

you can embrace your feminine spirit, open the door to expansion and clarity (COMING SOON), and it’s 100% FREE.

finding the time for you

Create the shift you need to find the time to create balance and find the time for you.

Ditch the overwhelm

You will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused, to confident and motivated to take action.


You will stop the doubt, and build towards a greater sense of self belief. Find your sassy feminine spirit!


Align more purposefully with your destiny in a way that feels natural, organic and flows more effortlessly.

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded people who all share the same goals

This is how it Works

Once the challenge is commences, you will receive a PDF with the itinerary of the daily challenges.

Every weekday morning between (coming soon)

you will receive an email with the details of the challenge of that day and a link to the facebook live.

Every day, the challenge of the day will be posted in our private facebook group

where all the participants of the challenge can share their work, ideas and results and get feedback and support from your fellow feminine spirit mediums.

Hi! I’m Kerrie

I’m a psychic-medium soul coach with over 20 years experience having heart-to-hearts with my clients’ and mentoring them to be the best mediums they can be.

I’m based in the delightful Oran Park NSW on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia and love working virtually with clients all around the world.

All you have to do is spend 1 hour or so a day for 5 days (coming soon) to go through the daily exercise, and you will have a set yourself on the journey to transform your mediumship with confidence and purpose.  So what say you, are you in?

What EXACTLY will I be doing in the daily challenges?

By the end of the 5-Day Challenge you will:


self love and create the mindset shift needed to find the time for you.


with your feminine spirit


increase your awareness of the essence of ONENESS and the impact this has on your abilities to communicate with Spirit


experience your purpose with a connection to your Future self to create co-hesiveness with your destiny.


your relationship with the spirit world.

This all sounds great but what if….

...I don’t have an hour a day to complete the daily challenges?

No worries! You can do the daily challenges at your own pace and time, any time before June 15.

...I don’t like the challenge after I started?
Then just don’t do it! We are not twisting your arm here and it is completely FREE so you have nothing to lose!
...I need help or have questions?
No problem! As long as you join our private Facebook group, you will get answers and help throughout the challenge.

What do you say?

Are you ready to ditch feeling stuck and activate your feminine spirit to transform your mediumship, in 5 short days?

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