Co-create your destiny and expand your Mediumship with the magic of the Divine Feminine

Hi I’m Kerrie,

I am a psychic-medium soul coach with over 20 years experience having heart-to-hearts with my clients’ souls, when they feel disconnected and confused about their life’s direction.

I am based in Oran Park, NSW on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia and love working virtually with clients all around the world.

My Creative Heart Feminine Spirit Community is where I support women, just like you to embody your Mediumship with the energy of the Divine Feminine. You will find this expands your Mediumship to embody your purpose and have you show up in life as the sensual, confident, co-creative being you are, that is naturally aligned with your destiny and expands your relationship with Spirit.

Does this sound like you?

a little scared of what could happen when you open that door to your psychic self

you know the answers lie within you but your just not sure how to access them

feeling lost and lacking a sense of purpose in your life

am often overwhelmed and out of balance

you’ve done so much work on yourself, healing, mindset and all that yet some how it seems like nothing much has changed

you want to take your connection to Spirit and your Mediumship to new depths

I hear you and I want you to know it doesn’t have to this way! Imagine…

trusting in the intuition, guidance and psychic messages you receive for yourself and others

confidence in your connection to Spirit

life where your spirituality was less struggle and much easier

a life where success wasn’t dependant on a revolving door of clearing block after block in the name of soul alignment

clarity and seeing real results when comes to your manifesting

are you ready to be the successful & confident Feminine Spirit Medium and Co-creative Heart that you are?

The Creative Heart Feminine Spirit Community is the only membership community and mentor program that supports your mediumship development with the Divine Feminine.


Gathering together each week to share in circle to:

Activate your Month

Capture the magic of the Full Moon

Share and discuss relevant topics

Get the support you need


Connect with like minded goddesses to share, chat and connect in the privacy of our own online community.


Step by Step training programs and masterclasses that you enjoy in the comfort of your own home while being supported every step of the way.

These are just a sample of what you get access to.

Ready? This offer is on available for 48hours

+ your 30 min intuitive coaching session with Kerrie

$23.50 AUD this month and $47 AUD per month thereafter

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What People Are Saying

Kerrie has the ability to create a very welcoming and down to earth environment for the exploration of all things intuition, empathic sensitivities and mediumship.

I’ve learned so many practical techniques and tips to be able to balance exploring this realm while living a fairly typical mainstream life. 

I especially recommend her Empath course inside her membership. There are so many techniques that are easy to implement in every day life. It’s given me the ability to create realistic boundaries in order to not feel so worn out from what I otherwise would have thought were unexplained reasons.


Sutherland Shire, NSW

“What you’ll learn is about so much more than the giving or receiving psychic messages “

Kerrie Wearing

This All Sounds Great But…

+ your 30 min intuitive coaching session with Kerrie

How are the live coaching calls run?
All coaching calls and masterminds are currently held via Zoom in our private meeting room, which allows us face to face video time for a more personal interaction.
Will the live calls suit my schedule?
All the classes alternate between day and evening so as to cater for busy schedules and geographical locations
Can I cease my membership at anytime?
Yes you can.  You can stop your monthly subscription anytime via your paypal account or you can simply email us and organise that for you, no questions asked.
There are however no refunds.
What's the difference between General Membership and VIP?
General membership is more self paced with the weekly support calls without any hands-on mediumship training from Kerrie.  VIP membership includes twice monthly zoom calls that involve live mediumship training with Kerrie.
Do the Mediumship classes run to a strict curriculum?
The short answer is No.  Classes are inspired by Spirit, incorporating the need of the group gathered and allowing the flow of all involved.

Ready? This offer is on available for 48hours

+ your 30 min intuitive coaching session with Kerrie

$23.50 AUD this month and $47 AUD per month thereafter

2     00     00     00    

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